Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Snowfall & Lotte World!

This is a bit of a late update, but we experienced our first snowfall in Korea!  :D It was really random and only lasted for about an hour, but it was still beautiful.

Our friends, Matt & Jessie... I think these photos look like a still from a Korean drama.  :P

We had plans to go to Everland to celebrate our coworker's birthday, but due to the weather, we decided to head out to Lotte World!  Lotte World is pretty much Korea's Disneyland.  It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world and they also have an outdoor section!  It's also really easy to get to - all we did was transfer once on the subway and stayed until Jamsil station!

Oh and Jamsil station just randomly has beautiful water fountains everywhere...?  Haha, it was pretty cool.

So anyway, after spending some time fawning over the random beauty in this subway station, we decided to go into Lotte World.  Since it was after 4:00 PM, the tickets were only 20,000W!  :D  Yay!  And of course, the first thing we did was... try on and buy matching headbands~

I wish I could say that Daniel bought those ears... but alas, he did not!

The girls!  ^^

Although we were not able to ride a lot of rides, I think we successfully took a lot of photos. :P

I was so excited that they had a Peter Pan broadway show going on when we arrived!

 Lotte World's castle... Makes me miss my Disneyland castle!

They had a mini exhibit of fake paintings for you to "interact" with... it was so fun!

Lotte World at night!

We weren't able to ride on too many rides because we were exploring Lotte World. There were a lot of rides I want to try next time and I definitely want to go ice skating on the bottom floor.  :)  So I'm pretty sure we'll be back to fully experience Lotte World! :D


  1. Oh my gosh Na. Those headband bows are absolutely ADORABLE. The animal ears headbands are so cute too. And your coat is adorable. This whole picture post is adorable. Lotte World sounds amazing. And SNOW! Peter Pan!

    This post makes me happy lol. :D Glad you're having fun over there. :D

  2. Heeee sissy it looks super awesome at lotte world. i think i might go watch that episode of running man xP. you look cute in your peacoat! but i can't tell if its purple or getting too old to remember these things jk. i love you and miss you and i you two be safe!


    1. oops. i didn't mean for the random i in the middle of the last sentence xP