Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello Kitty!

On Saturday, we met up with Bonnie and her exchange friends in Hongdae. As we walked around for somewhere to eat, we passed by the Hello Kitty Cafe!  We decided to go there after lunch... After all, getting coffee IS the Korean thing to do after eating out with someone.  ^^  So we ate at SE7EN's chicken restaurant (by complete accident!), which was amazing and delicious (it was jjimdak... nom nom nom).  Then we went to the HK Cafe!

{Real men accompany their girlfriends to such girly places!  ;D}

After admiring the cute decorations outside, we were obviously not prepared for what it would look like inside.  Basically it's two stories of girly pink galore!

{A popular place for families, friends, dates and tourists!}

The only downside is that it was pretty crowded.  That means it was hard to get a spot for our entire group and it took forever to get all of our drinks... but it was totally worth the experience!  Fun, fun, fun~

{Bonnie, Me, Jessie, and Bonnie's exchange friends}

{Our adorable drinks!}