Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Namsan Tower: Love Locks!

This past weekend was amazing. Friday night was a relaxing one in the saunas at the 찜질방.  Saturday was a fun-filled day at the park watching our friends bungee jump and watching Hunger Games at night. But the best part of the weekend was on Sunday!  We went to Yeouido for the Cherry Blossom Festival, but there were no cherry blossoms.  So we went shopping at Times Square and Gangnam before meeting up with some friends who wanted to go to Namsan Tower!  If you didn't know, that was #1 on my To Do List for Korea.  :)  So we hiked up to see this beautiful view!

{Somewhere in that general area is Bundang!}

Then, of course, we had to see the Locks of Love/Love Locks!  Couples bring padlocks with their names or a message on it and secure them on Namsan Tower.  It is amazing how many love locks are here.  It's so beautiful.

Of course, I went trigger happy when we came here.  It took a couple minutes for me to come back to the real world and realize that we needed our own locks!  So Daniel and I bought our lock, wrote a message to each other on it and secured it on the tower.

{Securing the lock!}

 {DK & CM 11.06.07 (our anniversary date)}

 After we watched the sunset, we headed back down the mountain... but not before getting a couple night shots.  :)

{N Seoul Tower}

{The breathtaking view of the city at night.}

I am so glad that we got to go up Mt. Namsan to N Seoul Tower so early in our trip. Even though it was sort of a spur of the moment thing and we didn't expect the hike to be as tiring, seeing the view of the city and experiencing the love locks was amazing. :)

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