Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodbye Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry blossom season has ended... :(

The petals have fallen and the trees are now a beautiful bright green.  We were warned that cherry blossoms only last for a week (or two at most).  Unfortunately, a random weekend of rain happened to speed up the process.  Although the season was short lived, I managed to take tons of photos.  Enjoy the beauty of Korea's spring~

White cherry blossoms are amazingly beautiful. For some random reason, I always feel like I'm in black and white film when I see the white blossoms.  They were completely breathtaking, but I have to admit that I adore the pink blossoms!

Thankfully I went on a walk with some friends and snapped some good shots before the rain came.  :)  Otherwise, I would have been so sad!

I also decided to press some cherry blossoms in wax paper.  Hopefully those turn out okay... if they don't, at least I have these photos to look at and remember how beautiful Korea is in the springtime!

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